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—-Possibly The Safest Setup Available!—-
—-Each Account/cPanel Created On a Separate Physical Machine—-
—-Unique Nameserver For Each Account—-
—-SOA Records Safe!—-
—-Hosted On Shared, Regular NON SEO Servers


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$1 PBN Hosting


Safest setup in the industry. We sell single cPanel accounts on separate servers with zero footprint. If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to host your PBN domains, you have come to the right place. Read more


PBN Domains


Need domains to start you own blog network? Places like Godaddy have become much more competitive & getting a good domain these days for a reasonable “dollar” has become nearly impossible. Click here to check out our prices.


PBN Setup


If you do not feel comfortable setting up your network on your own, we got you covered. Just send over your domain URLs and we will take care of the rest. The whole process in completely hands-free for you. All you do then is post links on your secure network…


Blog Networks


Have only one strong domain? Let’s face it, strong PBNs will cost you some money. With our community blog network you can turn your 1 strong PBN into a dozen or so with a minimum monthly fee. Just apply following our guidelines listed here


cpanel login to private blog network account


Unique A Class IPs

Maximum uniqueness with mixed A class IPs (AA.BB.CC.DD).

Separate Servers

Each account on a different physical machine well hidden among many other regular websites. 0 footprints!

Unique Nameservers

No need to register private nameservers.


Healthy Backlink Profiles

We make sure our domains have spam free backlink profiles.

Good Metrics

MOZ DA/PA 15+ Majestic’s TF/CF 10+


Clean Domain History

Each domain closely vetted to make sure previous content wasn’t spammy.

Looking for PR5, PR6 social media links. Perhaps we could interest you in PR7 or PR8 Twitter links? With Power Tweets not only do you send powerful social signals to Google but also get a massive SEO benefit with our high metric accounts.


SEO Services


Wouldn’t you like to crush your competition in Google taking over their traffic? We will rank your website on the first page of Google so you can finally stop losing money to your competitors and multiply your customer base.



UP TO 900% ROI

Social Media Management


Engage your audience and attract more clients without even lifting a finger. We will post awesome, hand-written content for you on your Twitter & Facebook accounts. Remember- Facebook is where majority of people hang out…




Video Advertising


People love video and so does Google. We can create beautiful video presentations to help branding of your company and engage visitors on your website. Branded video will also help you advertise for FREE in Google…




Reputation Management


Have you or your business been bad mouthed? Negative comments and opinions have a tendency of ranking high in Google what makes them seem larger than life. We can help you replace these entries…





Why is it important to have a mobile ready responsive website?


Google is honing in on mobile “unfriendly” websites… READ MORE ON OUR BLOG

Have you suffered from a Google Panda penalty? Has your website dropped a couple of dozen search pages? We will recover your website within 14 days or your money back!


  • Search Engine Optimization 99%
  • Marketing Campaigns 77%
  • Creating Social Media Presence 93%
  • Penalty Recovery 95%
  • Custom Website Design 89%


More Testimonials On Our LinkedIn Page

“I’m glad we decided to put our trust in Martin. Within 4 months we started ranking on the first page of Google. Our business literally tripled over night. The SEO services Martin provides is worth every dollar and the ROI is amazing.”

– Howard Kotliard CEO

“Martin is one of the few elite SEO’s around, his skills in search engine marketing are exceptional. When it comes to ranking in Google search Martin delivers the No1 spot time and time again. I highly recommend.”

– Charlotte Driver Owner at Ollema Internet Marketing

“Martin understands Google search engine really well and is very good in determining clients needs and keyword phrases they need to rank for. He doesn’t just get the job done and leaves. He persistently works on a website until it basically ranks. He provides very personalized service. Highly recommended.”

– Thomas Wissman Founder at Absolute SEO

“When it comes to SEO, Martin is at the top of his game. I’m thoroughly impressed with his work ethic and professionalism, which is why I highly recommend working with him. He is committed to staying at the cutting edge of the industry, and it shows. If you’re interested in explosive SEO results, Martin is your one-stop-shop.”

– Brian Planas Entrepreneur


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How To Buy CHEAP Expired Domains For Your Blog Network

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Twitter Hack- How To Highjack Aged Social Media Accounts

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What theme are you using?

This website is build on the Divi theme. It is the same theme we use to build custom websites for clients

Do you offer PBNs with higher metrics?

Yes, but they will cost more. Please contact us for details.

Wha kind of social media content do you create?

Our social media management content is created according to your company products and services and is highly relevant. Please visit here for more details.

I need more cPanels...

Can I purchase a different number of hosting accounts than you offer in you package? Yes! Let us know what you need and we will prepare a special package for you.

What are parallel networks?

With our $1 SEO hosting you can be running 3 parallel networks. Each cPanel can have up to 3 PBN domains. That way with 15 accounts you can be running 3 independent networks of 45 PBNs in total.

I need to recover a website...

If you are not sure whether your website can be recovered and what Google algo hit it, let us have a look at your Google analytics.


Drop us a line anytime, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


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