Imagine getting accounts with a bunch of different hosting companies like Hostgator, BlueHost, GoDaddy, etc. Super safe, right?
Well, that’s the kind of diversity we provide.

PBN hosting refers to a number of independent shared server accounts across the world that we have access to. We partnered up with multiple independent hosting companies and were able to strike special deals with them allowing us to provide hosting for SEOs at reasonable and affordable prices.

Each account that we provide is a cPanel account on a shared server – just like the one you would get from Hostgator or any other hosting company. We do not offer SEO hosting which is a single server hosting with multiple IPs. These type of services are no longer safe and make it easy for search engine algorithms to discover your network of PBN sites.

Offering cPanel accounts in bulk, allows us to drive our prices down and host our clients’ sites at affordable prices. With our highest plans, you won’t pay more than $1 per a single cPanel where you can host up to three PBNs total.

Since our servers come from different providers across the world, we fly under the radar when it comes to any type of footprints. Another thing is that the servers we use are not PBN or SEO specific. What it means that they host many regular sites that have nothing to do with search engine optimization or blog networks. That allows your PBNs to be well hidden and “mingle” with organic sites making it impossible for the search engines to detect your network on an algorithmic level.

Adaptibility, flexibility and keeping up with industry best practices is what keeps our clients happy. PBN domains, especially the very powerful ones, can be a costly investment. You wouldn’t want to have them de-indexed due to a poorly setup hosting network. We take the load off your shoulders to provide the safest possible solution that won’t run you $5-$13 per a single cPanel account.

Some of our clients are the biggest names in the SEO community and some of the PBN we host are responsible for millions of dollars in SEO fees, affiliate commissions and #1 rankings for multiple competitive keywords.

Join the elite BluSEO community today to enjoy the safety and reliability of our inexpensive service.