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Projektowanie stron wwwWe scour the internet to find undamaged expired domains with good link juice. Using alternative methods we are able to tap into resources hardly anyone is using. Our domains are carefully selected, making sure they have a healthy link profile with decent MOZ and MAJESTIC metrics. 

We also look at the quality of incoming links and the type of content the domain hosted previously.

Advantages of buying from us expired domains for your PBN:

The domains usually have a history dating back sometimes as far as 10 years.

Healthy link profile with good DA, PA, Moz Trust and Trust Flow.

Domains often have PR links pointing to them.






Are the domains niche relevant?

We always strive to find as many niche relevant domains as possible, however, if a more powerful generic domain comes up, we believe it to be more beneficial for the client.


Why would I buy a domain with only 10 backlinks? What’s the benefit of that?

Well,  if the TF value is high enough, these few backlinks are most likely quite powerful (probably PR 1+ links). Combined with our PowerHouse PBNs system, such domains can do a lot of “damage”


Why would I want to buy expired domains? They are not even indexed!

Sure they aren’t but with the type of links pointing to them, they will get indexed as soon as you put WP and some content on them. With a healthy link profile, they will very often get a PR>0 after Google PR update. If for some reason a domain will not index within 30 days of building content, we will provide another one free of charge.


How long is this going to take?

We want to provide the best quality possible so please allow up to 7 business days for the complete domain search. When done, all the domains will be “pushed” to your NameCheap account.


Why would I buy a domain if shows Chinese characters?

Chinese content is just like any other content. You don’t have to be afraid of it just because it is obscure. Very often domains get parked on Ch servers with generic, harmless content on them.
All the content shown by Web Archive is vetted in Google translate to make sure it doesn’t contain adult or other spammy stuff.


Do the keywords in link profiles have a perfect ratio?

What is a perfect ratio? Each keyword phrase should be no more than 10% of overall number of links? Sure, in an ideal word. If you are an SEO, you can actually control it. So “perfect” link profiles most likely had SEO done to them – GSA or Gscraper blasts.

Mind you if a website has not been touched by an SEO, it will hardly ever have a “perfect” linking profile. If other people naturally link to your website, it will usually have a surplus of type of links and also “domain” or “” links.  Neither does it bode bad “ju ju” nor it is spammy. Such domains usually index perfectly and serve well as PBN sites.


What about those PR1+ $12 Godaddy domains? I think I’d rather stick to those…

You may try to get a domain through a Godaddy auction. If you manage to find a good domain for $12, what rarely happens, you will need to pay extra for the domain renewal + whois guard, which will amount to about $40 provided you won’t get into a bidding war with someone else. Nowadays Godaddy has become much more competitive as there are many tools such as Register Compass or PR Powershot allowing you to scour the auctions and look for good deals. Oftentimes when you stumble upon a good quality domain, you will get into a bidding war with other users what can significantly drive the price up. There is just too much competition to find anything at a decent price.


Some domains have DA below 20. That’s too low!

Not really. What you should be considering is Majestic’s Trust Flow and MOZ PA as long as you are putting your links on the homepage. High TF indicates PR links going to the domain. These kinds of domains tend to get Google PR>1 value after update. Because of those PR links pointing to them, they are a powerful addition to any PBN.


How can I verify the domain data?

You might use MOZ open site explorer, Majestic SEO or Ahrefs to inspect and confirm the data. Note that the data is different for the non www and www version of the domain. Be sure to look up metrics for both!


What about hosting?

We can host your network for you! You will only pay $1/m per IP in case you choose the 10 domains Regular Pack. Each domain will be hosted on a separate server with A class IP. More about our hosting here.


I want in on this. How do I buy?

Check out with PayPal above and we will do the rest. Don’t forget to tell us your niche.




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