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Let me ask you some questions for starters:

Have you ever purchased backlinks from anybody?

Have you ever paid monthly fees for backlinks?

If YES, then you probably spent that money completely unnecessary…


Resources mentioned in this video:

Register Compass | ExpiredDomains.net | MajesticSEO




Wouldn’t it be great if you could post your backlink on a homepage of a powerful domain?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if that domain had only one external link going to your site so all that linkjuice is flowing only to you?

SURE it would.


Well, what if I could tell you, you can get it for $10 one time instead of coughing up on it monthly.


Think about it. You register a new domain name that has a history – namely, used to be registered before and still has some backlinks going to it.

That’s right. In case you have been living under a rock, you should know that an available-ready-to-be-registered-domain is not always CLEAR of history and might have been owned before.


If you do your research right, you can get a powerful domain, with a good link profile that is relevant to your niche for a price of registration.

And you can basically keep doing that until you rank for your keywords. Basically, it costs you $10 a link lifetime or a year I should say and the power of that link will only depend on the accuracy of your research.


You may be asking – what about PR? Are there any expired domains with a good PR?

Let me answer by asking this: What is PR really?


PR is calculated on the basis of other PR links pointing to your website.

If you have a PR site of 5 and all the PR backlinks going to it have been deleted – that website is literally worth nothing.

It will still show PR5 but that will change only after Google update what takes place like twice a year.


On the other hand, if you take a 10-year-old-domain that expired a year ago, is not indexed but still has PR links going to it – you pretty much cracked the safe open.

This domain, once registered, will index very quickly because of those powerful PR backlinks and will be a 100 times more valuable than your PR5 I described before.

And guess what, the coveted PR will start showing too once Google updates PR.


I have had that happen to my domains a lot of times. Very often they will get a PR of 1, 2 or 3 or even higher. It all depends on what kind of expired domains you are able to initially find.

It all lies in backlinks and this is the sole thing you should focus you research on.


If you decide to go for it, you can use my services to host your domains.

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