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It’s easy these days to put up a business website. But that’s where the easy part stops and the complications begin. It’s one thing to have an “up and running” website and a whole other thing to get it seen by as many people as possible. This is where a lot of business owners get disenchanted with the whole online business idea as essentially you need traffic  i.e. visitors in order to make sales.

A business website alone is simply not enough. Every respected company these days have multiple online profiles on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter as well as citations such as Yelp or Yellopages which contain company’s name, address and phone number. More importantly each of these websites contains a backlink as well.

Google will not trust our new “up and running” website if we do not show them we are a legitimate company. Multiple backlinks from citation sites and social signals do just that. Making these profiles is a first step to any proper SEO for any type of website.

It wouldn’t be anything special really if all you needed was a Facebook page, Twitter account and a YouTube channel. That won’t do you any good anymore. There are literally 100s of social sites and citation sites where your business site must “exist” if you want to get ahead of your competition.

Another important thing to realize is that these type of links are safe, meaning we can add as many company profiles and citations as we like without any negative effect. This is a rare case in SEO where quantity actually matters. Needless to say, you need to have a quality and well optimized website before any type of linking begins.

This is where we come in. When it comes to optimization, a devil is in the details. We will check your website and suggest changes that should be made before back linking can occur. Next, we will Tweet about your website using our own network of Twitter accounts to let search engines know we are a serious company. After that we will build your social accounts and citations. All you do at that point is enjoy all the love Google and other search engines is going to give you.

After a month or so your website will be ready for more advanced SEO that involves keywords and PBN network but that’s a whole different story…


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