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runclick-softwarebox-MWith RunClick you can pretty much have an evergreen, perpetual webinar sales machine whenever you need it.

Best part is – you don’t need your own product in order to sell effecxtively and make affiliate commissions.

It is common knowledge that webinars are by far the most effective methods of selling and they pretty much fly below the radar.

Now, a standalone video behind an opt-in form will never be as effective as a live event with live interaction in a form of live Q&A session.


So how can you actually use Run Click to you advantage?


Watch this video where I explain the whole process:

Basically it all comes down to this:

1. Find a products you want to promote

2. Familiarize yourself with the products

3. Get to know people’s problems in a particular niche

4. Make a video showing how the product works or present a solution to one of the problems that the product solves.


When people come to your landing page they will be under the impression that they are signing up for a live event and with Run Click you can easily set the desired date and time when you want the prerecorded video to play.

You can also make BUY NOW buttons show up at any given time during playback.



If you order RunClick using my link, I will give full access to PushButonWebsites so you can make your landing pages look even better and rake in even more commissions form sales.



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