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What is CBN? It is a network consisting of your and other people’s blogs. Each person to enter the CBN has to contribute at least one site to the network that meets specified metrics & criteria. The main idea is to have as many backlinks from unique websites as possible with very little money involved.

How many powerful domains can you afford to buy?

When you are starting out with SEO, it is not easy to invest $2000 or $3000 in domains. A site with a good backlink profile, legitimate history and decent metrics will set you back in the ballpark of $100-$300. I’m not talking about expired domains here which you can register for $10. I’m talking about sites with 60+ referring domains and IPs, trust flow 15+ and domain authority 30+.

In a nutshell, owning one such domain will allow you to multiply its linking power up to 20x depending on how many members a given network has. Can you imagine what 20 DA40+ sites can do opposed to just one? You will be able to literally “crush” most of the niches.



You can join one of our CBNs if you have at least one domain that meets the following criteria:

  1. DA25-29; PA30+; TF15+; CF15+; Ref IPs/domains 50+
  2. DA30-39; PA40+; TF15+; CF15+; Ref IPs/domains 60+
  3. DA40-49; PA40+; TF15+; CF15+; Ref IPs/domains 60+

In addition to the metrics, each domain will be thoroughly vetted by yours truly:) before it can ever enter a network.




  • DA 25-29
  • PA 30+
  • TF/CF 15+



  • DA 30-39
  • PA 40+
  • TF/CF 15+



  • DA 40-49
  • PA 40+
  • TF/CF 15+


For maximum security we have implemented the following rules:

  • Minimum number of websites in a network must be 10
  • When joining a network with 1 site, you can post once to 60% of sites
  • You can post to more URLs each time the network grows by 5 sites
  • All posts are placed on the front page that displays full posts
  • You can join with up to 3 sites and get maximum 3 posts
  • Each post can can have 1 link to 1 money site plus related properties – web 2.0, citation, video, etc.
  • Maximum number of sites per network is 35

Example 1:

Joe has bought a DA37 domain and wants to join.  The domain is vetted and if accepted enters a pool of domains for a given network, in this case- DA30-39; PA40+; TF15+; CF15+; Ref IPs/domains 60+.

Once we have at least 10 domains, the network goes live. With 10 domains in the network Joe can post to 6 sites (60%). Joe has six articles written and sends them over to us with links, anchors, videos and images. We post to the network and send Joe a full spreadsheet report with network URLs where the content was posted.

In time the network grows by 3 more sites. At that point nothing happens. When the network reaches the next threshold of 15 sites, Joe now can post to 3 more sites (60% out of 15 is 9). Joe has his articles written and the whole process starts again. Joe never sees all CBNs in the network.

Example 2:

Jack joins with 2 sites. Other 14 people also join with 2 sites. The network has 30 CBNs. Each participant can post 2x to 18 sites. Each batch of posts goes to different group of 18 CBNs from the pool of 30. As a result each user posts at least once to each of the 30 sites thus they see the whole network.

In time 5 final sites are added. With 35 URLs one batch of posts can go to 21 sites (60% out of 35 is 21).

The “60% method” increases uniqueness making sure not all the sites in a network link to the same affiliate/money site.

If someone joins with 3 sites and the network reaches 35 sites total, each batch (3) of posts goes to a different group of 21 sites.


You do not get backend access to any site. After your PBN is accepted you only do an initial setup on your server and we take care of everything else– posting, maintenance, updates, cancellations and other security measures together with periodic backups.

If a site gets hacked and needs to be restored we take care of that as well provided we have cPanel login details from you. If you want to keep your cPanel private, restoring the website becomes your responsibility.

When posting, updating, etc. CBNs in a network will be accessed remotely so Google can’t see our IP through fonts or other plugins that might be leaking footprints.

We want to treat each CBN like a business site so it is required each site entered to a network has a minimum of 3 social media accounts connected to it i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Delicious, WordPress, Pinterest, Diigo, etc. You will need to connect your site to minimum 3 of these accounts using IFTTT- tutorial will be provided.

For whois information, it is recommended to use fake name generator to enter personal details rather than use whois guard. Whois guard that displays PLC in its name is not allowed.

If you want to enter more than 1 site to a network, each one has to be on a unique C class IP and you cannot use our servers to host your site. Best solution is to Google cheap $1 hosts and set up a separate cPanel account for each site.


Even though your aff site is about teeth whitening or weight loss, it is still recommended to post citations to it. Use fake name and address generator to put NAP (name, address & phone number) in the footer of your site. Same information should be also entered in whois so your money site appears to be real. You can get a batch of 20 citations done on Fiverr or Source Market very cheaply.

Make at least one video, optimize it for keywords and embed it in the root of your website.

Next come Web 2.0s. Set up some accounts on web 2.0 websites and post a few articles on each one. In order to make sure your properties do not get deleted, first post articles without external links. In your final article post a link to your money site and a citation. You can link web 2.0s among themselves and also interlink posts within a single property.

Make tier 2 web 2.0s.


We want to have a good amount of uniqueness when it comes to links in our CBN posts. That way our posts will allow a good amount of link combinations for maximum link juice and minimum footprint. It is not allowed to place more than one link to your money site per post on a CBN site. However, it is allowed to post additional links to web 2.0s, citations and video, that is why we are recommending the following setup in order to utilize the extra links to power up your 2nd and 3rd tier links from CBNs.

CIT – Citations
KOA BLUE – Keyword optimized article on money site
KOA DARK GREEN – Keyword optimized article on 1st tier web 2.0
KOA LIGHT GREEN – Keyword optimized article on 2nd tier web 2.0

As diagram shows, there are 4 types of properties that will send link juice to our money site: citations, video, 1 tier web2.0s & 2 tier web 2.0s.

The six rectangles with white background represent CBN sites and colored squares represent the type of link placed on each one. As you can see, although each site links to your money site the pattern never really repeats.


  • Money site link- on each CBN
  • Link to video or embed 50% of CBNs
  • Citation or web 2.0 link on 50% of CBNs


It is recommended to:

  • link to KOA rather than root from your web 2.0s 30%-40% of times
  • keyword optimize at least 1 web2.0 website (dark green KOA) for each KOA on your money site (blue)
  • link to tags that contain LSI keyword that can also be found in the article body on your money site


It is not recommended to:

  • use exact anchor text for exact match domains
  • use same anchor more than once
  • posts all backlinks to the root of your aff site
  • use only money keywords as anchors


Once your articles are posted, editing of anchors is not allowed because it looks unnatural to search engines. If your anchors need to be adjusted, your articles will have to be deleted. Then new articles must be written so that links are posted within a unique fresh content.

All rules and recommendations are based on OMG & Source University teachings.

If you follow everything mentioned here to the tee and don’t botch up the anchors, you will most likely destroy your competition in any given niche.


When setting up your money site, you can do everything manually or spend $10-$15 on Fiver or Source Market to have citations and web 2.0s created. Alternatively you can use FCS Networker for web 2.0 creation. Recommended resource for articles: ”I Need Articles”.

Your monthly recurring costs will be your server cost $1-$2/mo per CBN and our membership fee.

$20/mo for 1 site entry
$15/mo for 2 sites entry
$10/mo for 3 sites entry

That way for as little as $10 plus server cost you can have up to 21 strong DA40+ backlinks to your aff site. Have you heard of any other place where you can get this much power for this low amount?

Once a network goes live there will be a secret FB group created as well as Skype room to create a small close-knit community of trusted & like-minded SEOs who can see a true value and potential in this project.

Enter your domain url below to enter a CBN. Also post any comments or suggestions about the setup and I will gladly level with you.


  1. After submitting a domain we check if it qualifies and add it to the right CBN
  2. The network goes live once there are minimum 10 domains
  3. You are posted instructions on how to prepare your site to be used in the network
  4. At that point you start a monthly subscription
  5. You post us your articles, images, anchor texts and video links
  6. We create posts for you and send you a spread sheet with full report (URLs, date added, anchors, etc)
  7. You get notified when each time the network grows by next 5 sites
  8. When CBN reaches 35 sites and all articles are posted, new network is created


If you are unclear about anything or want additional services tailored to your needs, contact us by filling in the form on the right. We will get back to you within 24-48h.

Alternatively message me personally on Skype.

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