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Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are the sites where over 60% of internet traffic comes from.

Do you even know anybody who doesn’t have a social media account these days? Numerous smartphone apps make it real easy these days for people to stay connected to social media the whole time.

From huge corporations like Coca-Cola to small business owners. Everybody wants a piece of this brand-building and customers-getting pie.

we manage your twitter nd facebookThese platforms are designed to keep in touch and directly engage your customers keeping them up to date with all your latest developments. Since social media platforms have been growing in popularity each year, it would be a grave mistake not to utilize them and take the full advantage of them in your business.

However, in order to utilize them effectively, it is simply not enough to put a URL to your Twitter or Facebook page on your website or place your LinkedIn account link on your business card.

Constant updates are crucial.

These profiles need to be constantly updated in order not to lose touch with your followers, keeping them informed about your offers, promotions and company news.

This task oftentimes is too daunting for busy business owners what results in a gradual popularity decline of their social media accounts and basically makes them worthless.

And this is where we come in providing best social media management services…

linkedin automation



An undeniable advantage of social media is its “viral” nature.

These platforms were originally designed for people to share their updates and keep in touch with friends.

connect-social-media-blueIn result, your Tweets or Facebook posts will show up on your friends “walls” or accounts and will very often get reposted so that the friends of your friends will see them as well.

This is when smart business owners and marketing heads of multinationals noticed a clear benefit of utilizing social media in increasing corporate presence on the internet.

Big promotions, discounts or events have a huge potential of becoming viral and basically spreading like wildfire across users’ accounts.


If done correctly a marketing campaign can drive hoards of people into your brick and mortar business door.



One of the most crucial things apart from frequent & regular updates on your social media profiles is getting new followers.

Small business owners can offer one-time discounts for anybody who likes their Facebook page and downloads an appropriate coupon to their smartphone.

More valuable “bribes” or incentives like free haircut, free dessert or free anything can be utilized to get online 5-star reviews for your business. This is tremendous because not only will it help to promote your brand but also will get your social media profile more exposure in Google.


Last but not least are online promotions. We can orchestrate a highly targeted marketing campaign on Facebook that will promote your Facebook fan page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter accounts and get you more likes and followers in your area.

Where Twitter and Facebook come more handy for small business owners, social media account on LinkedIn is more business oriented and brilliant if you want to develop business to business contacts and relationships. Having your LinkedIn profile URL printed on your business cards or incorporated on invoices can grow your online clients base exponentially.

Whichever idea you decide to go with, you will grow your online presence no matter what. What’s best in all this is when somebody decides to follow you once, you can market to them forever.




1. Consistent posting ensures consistent brand visibility.

If you “are” on people’s smartphones, tablets & laptops everyday, who do you think they are going to turn to if they happen to need something you offer?

2. Word of mouth advertising.

People love to tell their friends about a recent thing they bought or about that great meal they had in this awesome restaurant. They will do it in a casual conversation or online with reposts or retweets of some of your messages.









3. More exposure in the search engines.

Your regularly updated profiles have much more potential to rank highly in Google for your industry’s keywords giving you even more opportunity to get more followers in a natural and organic way.





4. Create a powerful emotional connection.

Social profiles are in principal a medium for friends talk. With some of the updates being less formal, you will show you are more than just a business and a logo, this way becoming more cool and approachable for potential customers.

5. Cultivate familiarity.

People will be more likely to purchase from you simply because they know you and remember you.

6. Branding.

Your business is more likely to become a household name in your local are and crush your competition.

7. SEO benefit.

We will install a special widget that will display our latest tweets on your website. It will look as though your website is constantly updated with fresh content- something that Google loves. This will give you a boost in the search engines over other website with not updated static content.



Imagine having to come up and post content every single day, 365 days a year…


We will be more than happy to take that tedious and cumbersome process off your hands.

We are skilled professionals who understand the social media crowd & “speak” their language.

We work for you behind the scenes while you focus and work on your business.

We create fun, engaging and factual content that is 100% congruent with your business.

We will schedule the content at least 7 days in advance giving you the ability to edit or review it.

We give you access to an admin panel where you can control everything and post yourself if you choose to.

We give you access to statistics so you can monitor the benefits of your social media campaigns.


Check out our demo admin panel here


All payments are made in advance for the following month and are not refundable.

The reason for that is that we create & schedule your social content in advance.

Our writers put in a tremendous amount of work to make your posts and tweets engaging and relevant for target audience.

Social Booster or Social Optimum subscription can be canceled minimum 10 days prior to the next billing cycle.
For instance, if your payments start on 15th each month, you will need to cancel before the 5th if you don’t wish to continue.




$127 Set Up + Monthly Fees


  • Control Panel
  • Edit, Delete or Create Content
  • Social Statistics
  • Beginners Tour


  • Control Panel
  • Edit, Delete or Create Content
  • Social Statistics
  • Beginners Tour

Add image posting for an extra $37 per month (LinkedIn not applicable)


$127 Set Up + Monthly Fees

4-7 Daily Tweets

3 Weekly Image Tweets

2 Daily Posts

3 Weekly Image Posts

2 Daily Posts

Image Posts N/A


  • Control Panel
  • Edit, Delete or Create Content
  • Social Statistics
  • Beginners Tour


  • Control Panel
  • Edit, Delete or Create Content
  • Social Statistics
  • Beginners Tour

Because of the fact that we schedule your content in advance and put in a lot of work upfront, none of the payments are refundable.

You can cancel your subscription 10 days before the next billing cycle starts.


Please try out our demo below prior to subscribing.

Subscription for panel access is not refundable.
You can cancel at any time.

Username: enter your email

Password: bluseo



Quickly change, edit or add prewritten content to adjust it the way you like it.


Manage all three accounts from one place without having to log in to each one separately.


Running a promo next week? Schedule your content to be posted at the right time.



Don’t be shy. We will gladly answer any of your questions.


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