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With 3 unlimited cPanel accounts you can pretty much host all your blog networks or any other sites for that matter. When you cover up your IP with Cloudflare, which we show how to do, you can safely link from one server multiple times without Google ever knowing.

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Each Of These Accounts Is On A Separate Physical Server With Unique A Class IP.

You Can Easily Utilize These Accounts To Expand Your Blog Network, Host Affiliate Money Or Clients’ Sites.

All Servers Have Been Thoroughly Tested For Reliability, Speed and Uptime And Have Been Performing Swimmingly For Us For Over Two Years.

If You Are Not Sure, Ask Us For A 7-Day Trial Account.


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Imagine getting accounts with a bunch of different hosting companies like Hostgator, BlueHost, GoDaddy, HostMonster… would be super safe, right?
Well, that’s the kind of diverse setup we provide.

3 Unique A Class IPs



Most SEO hostings will put you on one server & give you C class IPs (AA.BB.CC.DD), which means they will only differ in two penultimate numbers and they will charge you even $15/mo for 1 IP!

We give you more uniqueness guaranteeing 3 IPs differing in A classes.

Accounts Spread Across Different Servers

We will set you up on different PHYSICAL servers in data centers across the US.

Clear advantage is again more uniqueness. In case of a single server downtime, only one of your sites goes offline which minimizes any footprint risk. Being on one server, what is the case for almost all SEO hosts, all your sites go offline what might look suspicious to Google if all your backlinks disappear at the same time.

Unique Nameservers Each Time


All accounts come with unique nameservers.  You can even create your own unique private nameservers if you wish to diversify even more.

You can also set up unlimited number of additional domains in each cPanel and host them with Cloudflare to hide your IP and cover up other footprints.


Setup An Extra Network For a Client

Setup A Different Language/Niche Network

Setup An Extra Network For Link Selling Purposes

Expand Your Network By Additional PBNs And Hide Their IPs with Cloudflare


What kind of websites can I host?

You can host any kind of websites as long as they are not adult, gambling or get rich quick scheme type of sites.


I’m totally green but I would like to have my own PBN network…

We can build you a network from scratch. Just order a PBN package of at least 10 domains and we will set everything up for you from servers set up to WordPress install.


What is the uptime of your servers?

All hosts we cooperate with have their servers’ up times over 99%.


Do you make backups?

Unfortunately no. We do not provide backup services. You are responsible to create your own backups as well as monitor your sites- More about backups here…


Is the bandwith really unlimited?

Yes, however our setup is no different from other shared hosts like Hostgator. That means if you start abusing the servers resources i.e. running different types of scripts, bots or sending spam emails in large quantities, your account will get suspended. Our servers are meant to be used to host WordPress sites and not run SEO software or other bots.


My account got suspended. What now?

The most common reason why servers’ admins suspend your account is hacking and injecting malware. In order to prevent that from happening please follow these guidelines:

– Do not keep Public_html folder empty and open. Install WP ASAP.
– Possibly use a different script than WordPress.
– Do not use “admin” for your username
– Use password generator to generate a unique password comprising of a string of different symbols, letters and numbers
– Remove standard content like Hello Dolly or WordPress default themes.
– Regularly update your plugins and themes.
– Use Limit Login Attempts and Ithemes Security Plugins
– Edit your user in WordPress to show a nickname in posts rather than actual username.
– Don’t install nulled or hacked plugins.

If your account gets hacked and suspended we will deal with this issue very quickly- usually by terminating your account and deleting all the content and then putting it back up on the same or different server. Next, you can easily restore your backed up script to be up and running in no time.


Will you notify me if my account gets suspended?

We can’t monitor all our clients’ websites. You are responsible for your own sites. Please use up time monitor services to track your sites.


My website is down. Should I start panicking?

Please wait 12-24 hours before contacting us. Temporary downtime sometimes occur do to maintenance or Mysql database resets. These do not affect your Google rankings in any way.


Do you send notifications if there is a problem with a server or migration?

Yes we do inform about major updates like that. However to receive a notification you need to sign up to our customer list available on our thank you page where you are redirected right after the purchase.


I want to order. How does it work?

When you check out with PayPal just follow the instructions on our thank you page. We will send you a rar file with all your accounts and login details to the email address you provide.

IMPORTANT! It is crucial to set up your WordPress sites ASAP since empty sites are easy targets for hackers. That’s why empty sites are often against TOS and are quickly deleted by server admins.


What if my account is not working or stops working?

We will gladly setup a new account for you. If needed with a different IP and on a different server.


Do you give refunds?

Of course. We are not in a business of scamming you out of your money by providing crap service. You have a full 30-days-money-back guarantee.


What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription in your PayPal dashboard, your accounts will stay live until the end of the billing cycle and then will be deleted.


I already own some IPs. Can you email me your IPs list to make sure I don’t double up?

Sure thing. If you already have accounts on other servers and want to make sure you don’t double up in terms of IPs, let us know and we will send you the list of our A class IPs to choose from.


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