There are several powerful ways of expanding your blog network by researching powerful expired domains. These methods will allow you to find strong PBN domains that you can use to link to your own sites or your client sites.

In this two video series I will demonstrate two methods of doing such research. Method #1 is a free method that does not require you to use any paid tools. Although it might be a bit time consuming, it is still worth going through as the domains you will find will only cost you about $10 each.

This video shows the free method:

What is most important when building backlinks to your niche site is relevancy. Having relevant aged domains that have niche relevant backlink profiles is crucial if we are talking about expired domains.

These are usually not that powerful when it comes to link juice but they will give you a great boost provided they once had content that was relevant to your niche.

You may also choose buy some more powerful domains on auction sites like Godaddy or Namejet but they will cost you an arm an a leg – $100-$300 you oftentimes you are going to get yourself into a bidding war among other SEOs.

Our methods presented here will secure you equally powerful backlinks due to their relevancy that will benefit your niche site for years to come at a fraction of the cost mentioned above.

The free method works just fine if you are on the budget and have a little bit of time on your hands. However, if you are at all serious about building up your blog network or selling links to clients, you will go the paid route.

This video shows the paid and much faster method of finding expired domains for your PBN:

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Here are all the resources I mentioned in the videos:

Register Compass
Expired Domains
Scrabebox Discount Link

To download the filter file I’m using in scrapebox please share below to unlock the download:

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