• $10 Per Already Registered Domain- Access To Registrar
  • Ahrefs Minimum Metrics DR 10; UR 10; 20 Referring Domains
  • All Domains Have Foreign TLDs
  • Minimum Order Is 5 Domains

We scour the Internet to find undamaged expired domains with good link juice. Using alternative methods we are able to tap into resources hardly anyone is using. Our domains are carefully selected, making sure they have a healthy link profile with decent AHREFS metrics. 


For the longest time MOZ DA & PA metrics were the ones SEOs paid most attention to. However, it is no longer the case. MOZ’s metric became quickly a nuisance since it turned out they don’t really update their metrics that often plus their crawlers are really ineffective comparing to AHREF’s. It resembles a bit the Google’s PR debacle where it was updated once or twice a year.

What it essentially means is that an URL showing DA 20 according to MOZ may now be well below 10 but there is no way of knowing that since the metric is never up to date. If you add the ineffective crawler to that equation, you end up with really inaccurate metric which does not give you a full picture when it comes to a given URL.

For most accuracy, when researching expired domains, we use AHREFS site explorer. The images below illustrate a difference in referring domains for the same PBN domain. Using just Majestic this domain could be easily disregarded due to a low number of referring domains where in fact Ahrefs show us there are twice as many domains with back links.


For that reason alone we solely rely on Ahrefs metrics when researching domains for PBN network.

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