With EBN hosting you experience a very big problem – pricing. There is no reason price per single IP should be that inflated. Easy blog networks acts as if they had the monopoly in the PBN hosting niche, however more and more reliable providers like SeekaHost start to emerge providing budget friendly and competitive services.

Based in India SeekaHost opened their doors for PBN users in 2019. They have remote locations for their data centers in California, New Jersey and Texas and operate a total of 2000 IPs delivering continuous uptime with state of the art servers. They also offer customer support twenty four seven by email, online chat or telephone. SeekaHost has become a very respected and recognized name in the PBN industry. Their service, capabilities, know how and especially competitive pricing makes them a leader in SEO game.

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SeekaHost has also alternative web hosting offers like Virtual Private Servers (VPS). This type of hosting gives the customer more power and flexibility when it comes to web hosting. Most web hosting is accomplished through shared servers. Shared servers tend to bog down as activity is added. This can disrupt, to some degree, other web pages and can cause pages to load a little slower than they should.

Utilizing a VPS environment has its advantages. It gives the web site owner the ability to scale up or scale down a web page with taking it off line to complete the task. This eliminates downtime and keeps the web page up and spinning.

VPS servers are custom built according to web page specifications. SeekaHost only uses the latest and greatest hardware and software for maximum performance and stability of the hosting system. VPS servers come with the choice of three control panels, and they are cPanel, DirectAdimin and Plesk.

SeekaHost not only offers hosting services, but hosting solutions. In order to offer a successful product, the hosting company has to understand the needs of the web site owner and the ultimate goal of the web site. Theyt offers hosting services that exceeds all expectations. The team firmly stands behind their product and are on duty 365 days a year, no exception, to answer questions, solve problems and help customer‘s work through problems.

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