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Instagram is perhaps the social network with the fastest development. This article is going to give you three strategies to use in your daily work of attracting new followers to your Instagram account.

For a maximum of effect, you should consider mixing these three strategies, as they can be easily intertwined.

When you have a large following on Instagram, you are also going to get more traffic to your website, which is going to bring you more subscribers, more clients and more sales.

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Here’s what you are going to learn from this article:

A surefire method to get new Instagram followers on daily basis.

A step-by-step strategy aimed at increasing your number of followers with Engagement.

An effective method of using hashtags to boost your visibility and enhance your presence on Instagram.

The Way From Zero To 1000 Followers In Several Days

Today I’m going to share with you one of my most powerful strategies that would enable you grow your Instagram account at the speed of light, in both followers count and engagement. If you’ve just set up your Instagram account, this is your best chance to get your first 1000 followers organically.

Some people may think this method is aggressive. However, you can adjust it to fit your own personality and your unique way of seeing things. This strategy is based on the rule of reciprocity. This means that if you want someone to give you something, you should be the first to give.

This practice is widespread in the digital marketing industry. You may have noticed lots of blogs offering free ebooks, podcasts and other incentives, no strings attached. These marketers do this because they know reciprocity will kick in sooner or later.

At the right time, these users are going to return the favor. As our purpose is to gain more Instagram followers, we have to start by following some accounts ourselves.

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Here it’s up to you if you want to go aggressive or slowly. If you want to throw mud at a wall and see what sticks, you can start following people without caring about their interests, their niches and their passions. If you want to use the methodical approach, you should try to find accounts of people who might become your future followers and clients.

Instagram will allow you to follow about 50 accounts per hour. If you exceed this limit, your account is going to be restricted for a certain period of time, you won’t be able to follow anyone during this time. There is also a risk to get a permanent ban.

I would recommend following only 40 accounts per hour, in order to stay on the safe side.

Let me tell you this again.

Don’t rush into following random people, without any strategy. A simple research can reveal the top five accounts in your niche. Take a look at their followers, and see what kind of profiles they have. In my experience, 10% to 30% of the people will return you the favor.

I capped the number of accounts followed per day at 200-350 for the first week. The next week, I increased to 350-400 people per day, and so on until I got to 500 people per day.

As 30% of these people followed me back, I’ve managed to increase from 445 followers to a whooping 4000 in only a few days time.


Biggest Instagram Account - Selena Gomez - 100+ million followers

Biggest Instagram Account – Selena Gomez – 100+ million followers

This is what you should do

Pick one Instagram account, start following their followers, and see what response rate you get. Each account is going to give you a different follow back rate. Your purpose is to determine which one provides you the best return on investment. In this case, your investment is the time you put into following all these people.

You should be very pleased with a follow-back rate of above 20%

This is a sample calculation:

Make a note of your current number of followers.

Take a look at competitor accounts and start following people.

Follow around 50 accounts.

Once one hour has passed, follow 50 people more.

Rinse and repeat until you get to 200 people.

Come back 24 hours later and see how many of these people have followed you back.

The math is pretty straightforward.

If you’ve got 40 new followers, this means a 20% success rate. Things are good! Your goal is to identify the account that gives you the highest rate of people following you back.

The secret of this strategy is to follow only people who follow accounts that are relevant to your business. These people are interested in the type of stuff you sell, so they are your potential customers.

This strategy has two important advantages.

First, you’re going to build a solid Instagram account with real, engaged followers.

Second, you get people to know you, to follow your account and to engage with your posts.


I’ve been successful with this strategy on Instagram and Twitter. Nonetheless, I’ve been working to improve my Instagram accounts for a long time. When I reach a significant number of followers, I can now monetize them any way I want.

Don’t forget to have a complete account with a good bio and at least 10 posts before you start the work.

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#GetMoreFollowers By Engaging With NEW Users

Engagement would be the second strategy I suggest you implement. If you could combine it with the first strategy that would be great. If you engage with their content, you are more likely to be followed by more people. Engaging with Instagram users that fall in your target audience is important. By going through the hashtag they are using, you can reach most of their following.

most popular hashtags on istagramWhen looking for relevant hashtag, an important point to consider is that the most recent, not the most popular hashtags, should be looked at. The reason behind this is that you are looking to engage with “fresh” users on Instagram. If you engage with the content provided by new users that have not built a following yet, this strategy will really work.


Users Everyday

A new Instagram user generally has three to ten likes on their pictures, if you give them a like, your Instagram account will get their attention. If however you engage accounts that have two to three k likes a picture, this would not be the case. So, if you engage with someone’s content first, they are more likely to follow you. This strategy will only work on new accounts, engaging huge accounts is almost useless, chances are that they probably will not even notice your engagement.

These strategies were used in the past by many people to help grow their account, it was however done with the assistance of a bot. What I mean is that the process was automated. They did not have to worry about the likes and comments, the bot took care of that for them. That being said, Instagram is relatively picky about the use of third party services. This is especially true when it comes to automation. The number of daily likes you should stick to should be around four hundred.

#GetMoreFollowers By Utilizing Hashtags

The correct use of hashtags is what the next strategy is all about. A great way to share your photos with a wider audience as well as find new followers is by adding hashtags to your own caption. Let’s refresh our memory on how hashtags actually work.

The content posted on Instagram includes a brief caption as well as a few hashtags. These hashtags are what help to organize and categorize photographic and video content. Content discovery is the benefit of this process.

On Instagram you are allowed to add up to thirty hashtags for every piece of content shared. It is recommended however to use between five to ten hashtags, this will provide you with a wider range. If you went past that amount, your account will most likely be viewed as spam. Engagement and traffic are what hashtags are all about.


Relevancy is probably one of the most important aspects about hashtags. This is exactly how it works. Your hashtags should have relevance with your topic. Many people believe it is important to chase the most used / popular hashtags, the ones with hundreds and thousands of posts, this however is a popular misconception. Just because they may be popular does not mean that using a lot of hashtags will be beneficial.

Finding balance between your hashtags and mixing them up is important, if you are posting hashtags which are highly competitive, the good position that your post is in will only stay there for a few seconds, this is because there are thousands of users who are always posting. It will only take your post a few seconds to lose the rank and be difficult to find. Now if a hashtags is less popular and therefore not as competitive, your post will remain in the most recent post area for a longer position and that is where you want to be.


Here are two ways in which you can quickly get the tags that you want to use for your posts on Instagram:

1. On the website you will find some of the most popular hashtags which are organized by category. The point is to find #s that are relevant to your content, copy and then paste them into a text document, this can even be done from your smart phone. You will then have to copy and paste the hashtags into the comment section for your post, making sure they are easy to access.

2. The caption area can be used to research your hashtags. If you begin typing the hashtags, you will notice suggestions appearing as well as how many posts have used the hashtag. Look for five to ten which are relevant, as mentioned above copy and paste them in your text document.

Remember to combine hashtags that are popular with some that are less popular. These hashtags can be used on every post you submit, preferably around three to ten a day. Hashtags can help new followers locate you and engage with your accounts content.

A great way to get new followers on a daily basis is by posting high quality images. And the important point to remember is that you must research your hashtags and have them ready prior to posting an image or video.

Fortune 500 Companies Use Instagram


How To Automate Instagram

Let’s be honest for a second, following four hundred people on a daily basis, unfollowing countless accounts, liking, commenting, etc. can be quite tedious and stressful. Now picture that scenario playing out day after day. What if you were managing more than just one Instagram account?? This would turn out to be quite impossible.

mass planner options for instagram

In a scenario like this, Mass Planner would really come in handy. With Mass Planner you can set up all that has to be done and would have completely consumed your time. It will free up your time so you can put more focus on others aspects of your media campaign.

Based on hashtags, usernames, accounts, etc, Mass Planner will help you to automatically follow and unfollow people. I personally use this awesome tool on all my social media accounts as it also does Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Tumblr! 

It is easy to set up and it comes with a five day trial period, this means you have a chance to check it out and see if it works for you before paying anything. 

Why Mass Planner and not anything else? 

This software has been around for a few years now. It is frequently updated and flat out works. Throughout the years it has been tweaked countless of times plus it is inexpensive. The problem with most new software is that you never know how long it’s going to be supported. Also I haven’t seen anything like Mass Planner that would offer even 10% of its functionality for this kind of price.